About The Photographer's Eyes LLC

On this page you can find information on who we are, what we do, how we do it (and what role you play) and how much it will cost. There is also information on print finishes.

John McGurk is the co-owner and Photographer with The Photographer's Eyes LLC, based in Malvern, Pennsylvania.

A native of Liverpool, England, John started his photographic career more than 20 years ago using manual cameras to understand the fundamentals of light and exposure, and spent many hours in the dark room learning the skills that are fully relevant in today's world of digital imagery and photo manipulation.

With a PhD and a Master of Philosophy, he has developed significant creative, technical and organizational skills which he has applied to a wide range of photographic subjects, believing that cross-fertilization of ideas from one discipline to another is a key to innovation.

After a career heavily involved in editorial and graphical presentations, John has returned to his photographic roots. He has developed the skills necessary for today's photographic business by spending time in London with Fashion photographer Robert Allen, and in New York with the renowned and highly creative photographers Janusz Kawa and Stephen Hurst.

John is a member of the PPA (Professional Photographers of America), ICP (International Center of Photography) based in New York and the RPS (Royal Photographic Society). He now lives near Philadelphia.

Aleta Christian is co-owner and Artistic Director with The Photographer's Eyes LLC.

Aleta has more than 20 years experience in communication, training and design. Her extensive training and experience, combined with a strong intuition, natural flair for color and excellent interpersonal skills adds an extra dimension to our creative efforts.


We specialize in Custom, Creative Images.....
Whether you are looking for a classic portrait, a record of a momentous occasion, or you want a fun image showing a different side of you, we will work with you to deliver images that will surprise and delight you.

We pride ourselves in understanding your needs (and fears!) to make sure that together we develop images that you will be proud of. Our most commonly heard comment is "wow! I never thought that I...".

We can create a fairy-tale fantasy story specifically for you. See the portrait portfolio for examples.

We're not looking for mass marketing. Our aim is to give you highly individualized attention, listen to your wishes, use our intuition and experience to design a fun photo shoot, agree a location and walk with you through every step of the process so that you will be proud of your images and you will have the satisfaction of knowing you had a hand in the design.

Your only limitation is your imagination - and we are never short of ideas to help!

We also have experience organizing creative events and will cater to your photographic needs whether it be a portrait, family event, lifestyle activity, sophisticated boudoir image, modeling portfolio or executive portrait. We also provide photograph restoration, digital retouching and airbrushing.



We produce top quality images to showcase your product, design or building as high resolution website images, brochures, wall hangings, books and portfolios.

We also have experience in producing certified images for insurance claims.

Whatever your requirements, we will discuss your needs, agree a proposal and walk with you through each step of the production process to ensure that you get the results you desire. 

We can work on a commission basis in which you pay for the photoshoot (and thereby get exclusivity), or freelance basis in which you pay a license fee for image. See the "further information" page for more detail on licenses.

Select the "commercial" galleries to see examples of what we can create together.


We have considerable expertise in adjusting, correcting, enhancing and sculpting images or parts of images. We use state-of-the-art computer hardware and software to achieve high-end, seamless edits. Contact us for details.


1. We discuss what images you are looking for and work with you to design the session, choose location, set-ups etc.
2. We will provide a quotation and a standard contract that can be modified to suit. 
3. A signed contract and 50% deposit is required prior to booking the shoot.
4. For portrait sessions, we provide you with information to prepare for the session including clothing/make up recommendations, etc.
5. After the session, we will perform basic adjustments on a selected number of images and upload them to a private gallery. You will be provided with a password.
6. Our prference is to sit with you to review these proofs and select images for final printing.
7. You decide if you want additional adjustments, re-touching etc. and what prints/sizes/quality/finish/framing.
8. Either you order the prints directly on-line or we can do it for you. 

Note: Our normal practice is to upload your images from our personal server to a password-protected gallery on a confidential server operated by a Professional Photographic Service. On a few occasions, clients have requested that Boudoir and Nude images be retained only on our personal server and that the images be printed in-house (up to 13x19 inches is the maximum print size). Of course, we are only too happy to oblige.


Everything is negotiable, and it depends on what you are looking for. As a guide.....

Portrait sessions

For a basic photo session with up to 2 different set-ups, you can expect to pay $200 (£140) for the shoot and processing.

This includes basic image adjustments (exposure, some blemish removal, etc.) 20-30 proofs for you to choose 5-10 final prints (up to 8"x10").

Additional image retouching (detailed blemish removal, skin smoothing, figure re-shaping, transposition to different backdrops/scenes) using Adobe Photoshop and Portrait Professional, can take 1-2 hours per image at a rate of $60 (£40)/hour - it all depends on what you want the final image to be.


The general steps given above in the section "HOW DOES IT WORK?" are applicable to commercial photography. In addition, a site visit may be required to ensure good coordination and technical preparation.

We can work on a "commission" or "stock" basis:

"Commission" basis means you pay for the photoshoot and have the option of an exclusive license,

Charges for work performed on a commission basis are determined by 3 factors:

1. Business fee - depends on creativity required, overheads, hourly/daily rate

2. Job expenses -  cost of travel, props, models, makeup, releases etc.

3. Licensing fees - fees for licenses depend on type of license and the usage of the material - website, brochure, sales.

"Stock" basis  means we pay for the shoot and you pay a license fee for the images. We retain the right to license the images to multiple clients. 

Charges are based solely on the licensing fee.   


See the "further information" page for more detail on licenses.



A word on print finishes......

Matte finish is a highly textured print finish that resists fingerprints and scratches. It has little shine and does not reflect light. Many photographers use matte finishes for wallet prints because they usually get handled more than normal. Some also use it for poster-sized prints to reduce glare.

Lustre finish is not as shiny as glossy, but not as flat (dull) as matte finish paper. It has good color depth and a textured finish (some call it "pebbled") that hides fingerprints. Most portraits and wedding photos are typically printed on Lustre finish paper.
Glossy finish is the shiny, rich-looking paper most people are traditionally used to. It tends to show fine detail better, but also shows fingerprints and flaws. It is also prone to glare/reflections under directional light. It is the best for evenly lit high quality prints with no flaws.

Metallic finish is a high gloss finish with very saturated colors. It appears as though the image is printed on metal (It almost compares to the back side of aluminum foil). Images tend to really "pop" when they are printed on metallic paper. However, bright areas have a tendency to be washed-out so the subject needs to have been very carefully and evenly lit.

Metal prints are actually printed directly onto Aluminum up to 40"x60". These are the highest quality and colors are stunning. The finish is very durable (you can wash fingerprints off). They are the most expensive, but last the longest and don't need framing.  It's a specialized printing process and only a couple of places in the country have mastered the technique so they are special order items not available on our standard list. Typical prices are $20 for a 4x6 or $40 for an 8x10 (call me if you are interested). If the photograph is good there is no better way to show it off.